Rave about our great service
Matt D.
Amazing Service Experience at South End Location!

Hello Wiki Wiki Car Wash! I just wanted to let someone know about the AMAZING service experience I had today!! My car was very dirty and Devin and his counterpart were SUPER friendly and went to work fast on my hood and then onto my roof before we were pulled into the wash (my boys, 6 and 8, think that the car wash is the COOLEST thing ever). I pulled in to start vacuuming the inside of my car and Devin approached me. He asked if I'd mind running my car through again, that he wanted to get my trunk good!! I was already SUPER SUPER impressed with how hard Devin and his associate were working but also the friendly and attentive service they had already given me. Now, in the midst of a VERY busy time, he ran over to ask if he could give my car another shot at getting clean! I was simply blown away!!

Cheryl C.
Great Car Wash at Hickory Location!

I visited your new car wash on Sunday and I just wanted to tell someone how extremely pleased I was with my car wash. That was the first time I have ever used a Wiki Wiki carwash and I am so glad that I did. Thank you for building an excellent carwash.

Nick K.
Best Employees Ever at South End Location!

I visited Wiki Wiki and as my car was entering the wash and was about to go through, I rolled my window down to offer a tip to Devin, your employee. He smiled very broadly, and said "No thank you sir, your tip is appreciated, but I love my job and what I do". His smile was genuine, his words were sincere, and this is why I will continue to use your cash wash, over all others from here on out. Devin is a tremendous asset to your business and whomever trained him deserves kudos as well.

Stuart C.
Prompt Service at South End Location!

I had my first visit this morning. Very prompt service and absolutely one of the best car washes I've received in recent memory. My favorite features: free vacuums, pay with debit/credit and no tipping! Excellent experience and will definitely return!

Sherry P.
Hickory Location is a winner!

Just wanted to say this car wash is awesome!!! Thank you!!!

Teresa R.
My Guilty Pleasure at South End Location!

I have been a long time member at WIKI WIKI and I just wanted you to know I love WIKI WIKI. I get complemented ALL the time about how clean my car is and of course I tell them why. Thank You. I always tell them about the monthly deal for one price. WIKI WIKI is my guilty pleasure! My treat to myself.

Wendy B.
So Appreciative of Your Employees

I am a frequent customer at the Hickory Wiki Wiki Carwash, and took my car in yesterday.  While I was vacuuming it, the car locked and for the first time ever, I didn't have my keys in hand. I'm sharing this with you because the two young gentlemen on duty at that time were as kind, helpful and gracious as possible. I am so appreciative of your employees' help and kindness, and needed you to know how much they impressed me.  I already come to the Wiki Wiki Carwash because of the great wash and vacuum stations, but now I'll come back because of your staff and their customer service.